National Children Authority (NCA) is a statutory body established by Act of Parliament, the Children (Amendment) Act 2016 CAP.9 to provide a structure and mechanism, which will ensure proper Oversight Co-ordination, Monitoring and Evaluation of all Programs relating to the Survival, Development, Protection and Participation of the Child and for other connected matters.

Our Mission

To Advocate, Co-ordinate, Monitor and Evaluate all policies and programs relating to the Survival, Development, Protection and Participation of the Child.

Our Vision

A Uganda where children's rights and responsibilities are observed and fulfilled by all.

Core Values

Commitment to serve and protect children, Excellence in offering quality services, Partnership with stakeholders, Result oriented focus

Child rights priority areas

The National Children Authority prioritizes the four cardinal rights of a Child: Survival, Development, Protection and Participation, including supporting Systems Strengthening that is cross-cutting factor to child protection.

Child Survival & Development

Children's right to Survival and Development is fundamental. Children have the inherent right to life and the state shall ensure maximum extent possible that Survival and Development towards child wellbeing is achieved under the program.

Child Protection

The Authority prioritizes advocacy for promotion and respect of the rights of children by all. Priority is placed at oversight monitoring of children's rights at the National and District levels and monitor compliance to the child protection legal frameworks.

Child Participation

Advocacy for meaningful child participation is at forefront of National Children Authority priorities, as well as co-ordination of all actors in the country to ensure increased child participation at all levels.

Church of Uganda together with National Children Authority (NCA) launched One (1) month campaign focusing on child rights and protection. The launch was officiated by Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba. According to Archbishop Kaziimba, the Church has power and influence to change harmful social norms and practices that perpetuate Violence Against Children (VAC) in communities.


Church of Uganda Archbishop Kaziimba (Right) and  Executive Director National Children Authority Kiiza Martin (Second Right) during the launch of Church of Uganda month of prayers and service for the children in Uganda.